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It left me heartbroken. I will always Google how the culture is especially on homophobia and the acceptance and rights of LGBT people in a particular country. A lot of bands have split up due to ego clashes - people getting above themselves and thinking they can do things by themselves. First Active Media Ltd. Irish Independent. Wonderland Magazine. So I've included a beautiful piano ballad called 'River', by Joni Mitchell, which is one of my favourite songs of all time which I recently performed at the European Diversity Awards.

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I got to see and experience other countries and culture and that then meant that my attitude changed on the whole thing and I became completely obsessed with travel. He is the youngest in the band. Meanwhile the other inebriated lads debate whether to jump into their private pool, fully-clothed.

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Arsenal, Liverpool Man Utd gossip plus Neymar latest Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United are all in the market for new recruits this summer transfer window.

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