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There have been camping trips, operas, and rock shows; travels to Italy, Denmark, England, and New York; being dad and co-dad to my daughter with two women friends mom and co-mom ; weddings and funerals; laundry, shopping, thousands of meals shared--you know, the gay lifestyle. In less than three days, I had 67 messages from men who wanted to meet me. He told me that some women do exactly the same thing. It also turned out we caught the same train, and [so we] exchanged phone numbers. What does the word "sleazy" mean when referring to a guy? That was the end of my internet dating affair. Asker's rating.

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I wish I had the space to run 'em all.

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He described his one internet date as a "needy" woman who wanted everything to slot into a picture she had created in her head. What is the meaning of "Why is so often new life at lived for both of us"? Still in Love I met my lover 12 years ago in a video booth in a gay porno store.

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My boyfriend was out of town and I was desperate to get this hot guy home and de-sleaze the situation a little.

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