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The elementary school teacher for Arthur's class. Buster is a secondary character in the show Arthur. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. The kids complain, but none of them are shown to struggle. The individual episodes chronicle the many outrageous misadventures he and his other anthropomorphic friends embark on. Both this and her frequent traveling have made her quite close to Buster's father.

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Lack of style aside, Steven Hillenburgthe creator of Spongebob, says he never intended his characters to be gay:.

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From Nickelodeon to Disney: children's TV leads the way for LGBT characters

Arthur gives Buster another one of his leftover "special brownies", transforming Buster into a raging monster to battle the giant cow. Arthur makes some "special" brownies for the school bake sale. Just recently, while guest-teaching a class of college students at the University of Wisconsin, a student asked Brown if the character Francine is gay. Shelley "Binky" Barnes, despite being a bulldog, is a big chickenshit who is supposed to be a bully. Jekyll as his role model, and Mr.

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Before it even aired the episode caused a ruckus in the federal government. Because of the lack of a father figureBuster is usually an effeminate dumbass who never studies, instead preferring to eat spoiled food in his room and obsess over aliens. In addition, Alan stays behind to construct and run a base for their mission, with Muffy and Francine acting as his assistants. When the Tibble twins teach D. Arthur is an aardvark who is almost constantly mistaken for a bear. InPBS released a CGI movie based on the show, when they felt that angry parents would have likely forgotten the show even existed. Buster also has a cousin with the same name on Tiny Toon Adventuresand is the nephew of the evil Nazi scientist, Dr.

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