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Most information is in Chinese, so ask a local! Popular gay singing club with many handsome waiters. For most Chinese telling their parents that they are gay is incredibly difficult; however it does not necessarily mean that there is resentment and that the family connection broken. Designed with old-school punters in mind — a lot of tables for groups, low music — there are a few nods to innovation: Manager, Henry, is plugged into the local gay scene and is happy to offer the latest news. This boho hangout, tucked beneath a flight of stairs in Sanlitun Soho, attracts a discreet late-night crowd of serious drinkers. BPT is the main bus and trolley operator in the city, with almost 28, buses.

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Manager, Henry, is plugged into the local gay scene and is happy to offer the latest news.

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Gay Beijing

Be warned — China keeps a firm grip on its media outlets. Everyone is ready to indulge in a hearty conversation or just shoot the breeze. Romantic couples move to the elevators serving the hotel above the bar, or rush off in the night to the nearby Destination Bar or other after-hours venues. Terms of Use RSS. A very relaxed atmosphere with a half and half crowd of Chinese and foreigners, it is very easy to meet new people here, and for foreigners new to the city the films provide a great way to see gay life in Beijing from a Chinese perspective. There is of course an underground scene of numerous massage parlours and a sprinkling of spas and saunas which are quite openly advertised on the internet, mostly in Chinese.

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Despite a recent crackdown on 'vulgar' web content, the amount of information on gay and lesbian entertainment, culture, events, meeting places and businesses is mind-boggling for what is officially a socialist state. If you put the effort in, you will discover a lot to remember. Gay sex is not illegal in China, and homosexuality is openly and officially recognized if not exactly endorsedespecially now that Aids has become the No. Don't expect much English to be spoken, but it's a good chance to practice body language. At Alfa, you can always expect an international and mixed crowd. The Thursday night session was started by proMen, an "English speaking gay professional social network for those who are tired of weekend clubbing," to use their own words. ChinaMango can offer day and night tours, with standard sightseeing spots for the first time visitor, as well as locations off the beaten track More exotic possibilities include Chinese cookery classes, tai qi lessons, calligraphy and acupuncture, or surrounding places like Tianjin, Chengde Imperial Summer Resort and Pingyao UNESCO World Heritage site.

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