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They continued their research through the summer, purifying the element by heating its oxide with potassium. InGay-Lussac accompanied Alexander von Humboldt on a year-long tour of Europe, during which he met many of the famous scientists of his day, including Alessandro Volta. In Gay-Lussac took advantage of the world's growing interest in ballooning and made multiple flights to study both Earth's magnetic field and how the temperature and composition of the atmosphere changed with increasing altitude. Gay-Lussac found that the rate at which all gases expand with increasing temperature is the same. Together with Thenard he discovered chloride, boron, fluoride acid. Gay-Lussac presented a much more complete study of iodine in a long memoir presented to the National Institute on August 1,and subsequently published in the Annales de chimie. Copyright The Gale Group, Inc.

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However, though aware of the theoretical importance of the electrolytic process, they elaborated a more efficient method of producing the alkali metals.

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In the same year, they mentioned the possibility of the elemental character of chlorinebut it was left to Davy to announce that conclusion with more definiteness the succeeding year. In Gay-Lussac announced what was probably his single greatest achievement: White Sexual orientation: David A.

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Berthollet, who had recently set up a laboratory in his country house at Arcueil, just outside of Paris, became the focus of a small but very influential private scientific society.

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