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My Profile News Home Page. This includes hormone therapy, mental health care, preoperative evaluation, post-operative long-term care, medically necessary prosthetics such as binders and dilatorsvoice coaching, and any routine health screenings such as breast, prostate, or cervical cancer screenings. The only thing VHA will not do is perform or pay for transition-related surgical procedures. For more information for Active Duty members and the military ban, check out this resource. Several resources are available to all veterans: Julia Brownley, D-California, who headlined the group of lawmakers signing on to the letter, said in a statement that the VA's ban on gender reassignment surgery "is not only discriminatory on its face, it also puts the health and well-being of transgender veterans at risk. Skip to main content.

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Current TRICARE regulations permit medically necessary mental health care and hormone therapy for eligible dependents but arbitrarily ban surgical care regardless of medical need. In all VA facilities, veterans are classified based on the degree of service-related disability they have received, and are charged for medical services, mental health services, and medication based on their classification. With one glaring exception, veterans eligible for VA care may receive all medically necessary care.

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The single exception is sex reassignment surgery.

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