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At least the scenery was gorgeous as we were surrounded by the beautiful green hills of Tuscany! Amazing to think they only played three tracks from The Decline And at the end, Hamilton leaned into the microphone and screamed. It reminded us that tonight was going to be a little different to the usual BSP experience. They stayed in the tent for a while to sign autographs and took pictures with fans. I was ecstatically surprised to find that Berry is more likely to ride a white swan into early Tyrannosaurus Rex via The Incredible String Band with a higher, reedier vocal style and a mercurial backing of harp, woodwinds, guitar, piano, mandolin, organ, and glockenspiel.

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Another masterstroke, and as the slow drum ending segues brilliantly not into Rock In anything but into Oily StageI'm grinning from ear to ear because they've just done it again, whatever it is.

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Q&A: British Sea Power's Scott Wilkinson

Perhaps the only flaw of the set was throwing the comparitively uninteresting To Get To Sleep in this late in the set. The opening verse contains a line that would stand out like a sore thumb with every other band but is right at home on the track: Next, Hamilton and Eamon indulged in some highly skilled acrobatics, then it all went a bit Pete Tong. It had been rumoured for a while — especially following their studio collaboration with Czech band the Ecstasy of St Theresa. The hotel was next to the River Spree and also the longest part of the Berlin Wall still in existence, so Scott, Phil and I followed the wall from the district of Kreuzberg up to Checkpoint Charlie and onto the Brandenburg Gate. Shirley Lee manages to take a giant step back from his own narrative and see the forest while describing the trees with poetic detail.

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So you didn't make it to the west of Ireland. Tonight's concert was richer for being contained to 75 minutes but poorer for the absence of Childhood Memories and Favours in the Beetroot Fields: The roadie was left to play the guitar and finish out the song. Yan also started chanting in vaguely-threatening German The merchandise sold out quickly after the show, so hopefully they'll be back someday as they seem to have enjoyed these two Italian shows. Then Eamon decided it's time for show and went through the crowd in his orange helmet, offering everyone his drum to strike. These writers have, for the most part, depicted the following events as ones that verged on insanity.

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