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Again, it should be noted that these passages do not deal with same-sex orientation nor is there any reference to genital love between lesbian or gay persons. Neither homosexuality nor heterosexuality is redemptive. The study of hell, understanding the theology of hell is very important for Christian maturity. It has already permeated mainline Protestantism. October 12, by Black, Stephen:

FSM Finding the will of God can be unclear and uncertain for many.

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Homosexuals and the Church

Unwanted harvest Mona Riley, wife of Open Door's senior pastor, says there is potential for a great spiritual harvest in the homosexual community, but "it's an unwanted harvest. Why would they become involved in something destined to bring so much heartache to their life? In the New Testament there is no record of Jesus saying anything about homosexuality. By contrast, there was never any consensus or even a majority of churches that thought slavery and segregation were supported by the Bible. Clay had a problem with pornography before I married him. June 20, by Black, Stephen:

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Are they left to assume that God is so narrow-minded as to exclude them for something over which they have no control and for a choice they did not make? May 21, by Black, Stephen: I couldn't deal with rejection. FSM An encouraging article and testimony from Joseph Thiessen in overcoming internet pornography addiction. April 20, by Franklin, Andrew: