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His answers are not easy. We live in an age of innovation, and a debate is raging about whether technology is improving our lives or making them worse. This is a book that will offer Christians in the LGBTQ community hope that Christ is still there for them, still loves them, and still means to transform them, not into another straight person, but into a Spirit-filled member of God's family. He reveals some of the questions we need to ask ourselves, and the results we can expect when we respond to God? Episode A Conversation on Race and America: In this Episode, we talk about the importance of community, what it is and what it means to be a people of hospitality.

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Freedom from our addictions, compulsive behaviors, secrecy and double lives.

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And Greg manages to strike a series of nearly impossible balances, especially given the inherent provocation that his topic and themes so easily produce. Episode Cultivating Virtue: How can we engage with those who do not believe the same things we do? Episode Iconoclast Thinking: What does being gay mean to you?

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How should Christians relate to politics in a divisive and polarized time? Bestselling author, Colin Woodard suggests that America is an amalgamation of 11 different regions. How should people of faith consider death and dying? My Day in Court with David Irving," is the story of her libel trial in London against Irving, who sued her for calling him a Holocaust denier and right wing extremist. Rebekah Lyons When have you felt moments of freedom in your life? Jeremy is the founder and president of Preemptive Love, an organization serving the refugee, the oppressed and the most vulnerable. In this time of turmoil, how can can the Church lead by example?

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