Church and gay rights

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The tightening of enforcement of church law was backed by a coalition of members from African nations, the Philippines and European and American evangelicals. But some denominations have reaffirmed a more traditional view of sexuality and marriage, viewing same-sex behavior as sinful and marriage reserved to one man and one woman. In recent years, progressive American members, including gays and lesbians, have been hopeful about greater inclusion. And young Anglicans, hoping to find acceptance and often succeeding in local parishes, are finding institutional debates about their place the source of intense pain. The Church does denounce discrimination based on sexual orientation and affirms participation by homosexuals in the ministry. Now, they can take part in the ritual as long as their parents approve and understand that their children will learn and follow the church's teachings.

church and gay rights
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For instance, the Lutheran Church of Australia believes that sexual orientation is not controlled by the individual, but denies a genetic propensity.

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The Human Rights Campaign issued a similar responsecalling the church's reversal a "welcome change that moves the church closer to a day where LGBTQ Mormons can see themselves affirmed and included in their faith and community. Openly LGBT persons are not usually ordained, although they did not establish a position on that issue. That shift has been well documented.

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Some large denominations recognize and perform same-sex marriage and the ordination of clergy who are in same-sex relationships.

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