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Tom Horton. Australia v Jamaica with a place in the knockout round at stake 'No proof' accused killed five-month-old baby, court hears WA flu deaths double within a week as disease notifications spike to new high. Complaints prompt national review of drone noise Stratton gets two-week suspension for pinching, stomping antics New leader Liza Harvey apologises to Liberal MPs as frustrations surface over policy shifts Women's hearts really do work differently to men's, research reveals Coming up: Keanu Reeves 5. The Twittesphere erupted last night with writers saying the brand had implied that women should expect to be sexually assaulted, or that they should be prepared to have sex, if they went on a movie date with a man.

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What were your initial thoughts?

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Melbourne underwear company Kayser Lingerie is facing calls calls for a consumer boycott after it posted an ill-conceived Tweet which suggested a movie date equated to a sexual encounter. What prompts her return is she has heard that her grandmother might be alive, and she wants to find out for herself. There is usually a brief introduction by the parents, but then Miss Golden Globe disappears again.

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And I am hopeful that men can change.

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