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That would have created so much paranoia in the house, but it never did because we always knew it was going to be Elissa. He nominated Ryan for eviction, but ultimately Ryan's ally Matt was evicted. Sheila was evicted on Day 77 in the house, after Ryan won the final Head of Household competition and took Adam to the end. One of the cool draws about "Big Brother" is you have two people who would normally never meet each other and sometimes they end up becoming good friends in the house, like in Memphis and myself. He's the most entertaining to watch and he seems really down to earth. She had a year-old son named Mick and a dog named Kitty.

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Don't let money consume what and who you are James:

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It will be pink cjj3: Raising a kid is the most fulfilling job on the planet James: I think why Dr.

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Her soulmate in the game was Ryan.

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