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He needs the condoms, just like I needed them when I was I hear him whistling as he saunters down the hall to his room. Right out in the open! You need to be prepared. But the table is glass. Keeping Brent and Claudia safe and healthy is important to me, more important than worrying about what people think, and more important than wanting to avoid embarrassment. So, I take a deep breathe and dive into a serious talk.

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Older gay men remind me that many homos have come before me and prospered.

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A Gay Dad and his Straight Son Talk Sex

I just lucked out, incredibly. Angry, sad, and dismayed, all at the same time. And you evidently need those. Julien saw them just now. I ask, nodding at the box. Brent has calmed down, so it goes well.

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Or one very important sex talk, at least. Daddies are sexy, daddies are kinky, daddies are typically older but not alwaysand daddies are loving. We cannot learn our history or our language from them or share their experience any more than our heterosexual parents can learn or share in ours. But I believe that for all gender presentations and orientations under the queer umbrella, this practice is true and long-held. Am I doing this right? I turn back to my computer and start typing again. My response is drier than toast.

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