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My brother was 5'11" and pounds. I closed my eyes and felt this amazing feeling, I was cumming for the first time in front of a family member. My Dad hopped onto the vanity. He had short brown hair, and dark brown eyes. Then my brother came shooting a good half cup of cum allover himself.

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We were all still jerking.

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We wiped the cum off with our towels, wrapped the towels around our waists with our hard dicks showing and picked up our clothes. But I've only seen my Dad's hairy mid section and his ass crack when he bends down. He pulled down my towel. I have a good time with my brother. When it was our turn to shower, we all got undressed in the bathroom and turned on the water. My Dad and I were both jerking in the shower. He was more muscular then I was.

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I had a major hard on but I was standing in front so I don't think they noticed. My brother and I were raised that we have to bathe everyday. He also had short brown hair and dark brown eyes. He pulled down my towel. It gets hot in Arizona summers and we can't really afford air conditioning and little window fans didn't do much for us so we would have to sleep in our boxers and sometimes naked. My brother called the toilet, the ultimate jerk off seat in the bathroom.

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