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They were acting in evident response to weeks of mounting homophobic statements by the president and ruling party. He called on Tony Blair to "expose" his cabinet, saying, "I have people who are married in my cabinet. The term categorizes according to the sex of the object of desire — that is, it describes whether a person is attracted primarily toward people of the same or opposite sex, or to both. Some have been expelled from schools or jobs, or chased from hospitals or homes. Many men who have sex with men, in Africa or elsewhere, might not even know the terms "homosexual" or "gay.

gay agenda devised name calling
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Nujoma has attacked independent media, political opposition leaders, women's rights activists, and foreigners.

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Independent judges have been vilified for deciding against the government: Press and government whipped up outrage against Britain: Let them be gay in the US, Europe and elsewhere

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After a while I lost my job, and then I went back on the street.

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