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Not just a giggle, but a loud guffaw from the depths of my belly. Hot women, strange women, young women and old women call out from every corner trying to get you into their go-go bar or massage parlour. After a couple of drinks, and a couple of make out sessions, I leave to go back to my apartment. The happy ending, by the way, was optional. Need to Know Xtra See all videos. X-Size, Fresh Boys, X-Boys and Screw Boy are the most likely to put on such a show if they happen to have enough customers to justify paying the performers. If you see businesses that are not listed, please start a thread in the main Gay Thailand forum and ask us to list here and we will add a listing.

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My gay sex adventure in Bangkok’s scandalous Sois

As one of the most visited cities on the world, Bangkok is busy year round. I'm not sure if I like it either haha. Main Sawatdee site Sawatdee Thailand forum this site Boys of Bangkok — blog resources for gay travelers: I head back and decide to check my apps one final time — and the tall, towering Thai guy from GOD is online. No users celebrating today.

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They take about 15 minutes to warm-up in what appears to be an on-stage Pilates class, complete with new age music and stretching. ALso reports that the gov't has pulled the high speed train project connecting the airports because the winner of the bid has changed the terms. Slowly but surely, they all take our their penises. A bull-looking guy appears on the stage. The guys are in large groups, dancing, jumping, laughing and making out. Sugar Bowl is a small but fun gay bar in the gay area of Bangkok offering a nice terrace for people watching.

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