Gay classical composer biographies

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True compass: He wrote an essay disproving the existence of God at preparatory school and had to be removed from Fettes College after admitting an affair with another boy. And if you reblog this list, feel free to add any of your favorite queer composers and share their music, their names, their faces. Though he fathered a daughter, Poulenc left behind more information about his gay relationships than his heteronormative ones. That project would be the first of many between the two, marking the beginning of a professional and personal relationship that would last more than 40 years. As Tchaikovsky moved in circles that contained a fair number of homosexual artists and their patrons, rumours and speculation were rife.

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For the last five years, she has been seeking to identify and decode the signs of gender and sexuality that reside in the music itself. Among my favorites are his fourth symphonythe second piano concertothe first orchestral suitehis piano trioand his concert fantasy. Robert Worby explores the adventures undertaken by performers tackling John Cage's music.

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