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I almost broke down and flew back up to NYC just for that but the more I thought about it having lived there, done that the more I think now it is best left a pleasant memory to reflect back up. Here are some highlights of Easter in New Orleans:. Thanks for that Queerty. People show off colorful fashions. We invite you to explore the portal into their surreal worlds.

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Aromaeus Some of these mask are absolutely terrifying. LI Yonk Speak to me and I say bunnys having ears bigger than that! Gates open at 9 a. How times have changed. Louisiana Leather louisianaleatherdaddy on Mar 29, at 7: And, of course, since this is a New Orleans parade, there will be plenty of throws — Easter-themed — to catch from the floats and the open-top cars.

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The day grows festive. It would be too weird. Later, around 1 p. Here are some highlights of Easter in New Orleans:. Gotta hide all these eggs.

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