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We would suck each other off in the middle of the night in a barracks of 40 guys sleeping. I bet Rep Massa has some hot Navy stories. Years passed and I completed my Air Force career and got a job with a state agency. He invited me to join him a few times but I wasn't comfortable with being that far out. It would seem as though they would not have had m2m under normal circumstances, and of course the gay or bi would not be a question. Could of had him that night but I still made him work for it, and didn't nail his ass for a few more weeks. He didn't shove it into my gut this time.

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Two days later, he called again and we again had a long conversation and I got his address and snail-mailed him pictures some x-rated!

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He was cute and wearing some short gym shorts and a tshirt. Military Stories. We talked a bit longer and then hung up.

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Mason's getting sent to a military camp, but he has to get hazed in

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