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The others have nothing to offer, so forget about them. It's all to do with maturity. What about the guy who spotted you--was he friendly and did he include a little chit chat? Let it be your motivation to get your ass in their every day and build your body to where you want to be. I have the idea that he is 50 and the men in this group are in their 40s. The other is fairly cool, but we keep our distance with polite "hellos" and heads up now and then. The rubber hand trick may predict those likely to over-exercise or drastically diet:

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Who talks to the people at the gym?

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There''s this bitchy gay muscle clique in my gym

I would never do that; spot you, of course. Maybe you should take up that offer to spend Thanksgiving with him that he has up on his myspace. Golds Gym in San Fran as well. I absolutely feel shame, guilt, and embarrassment, and have a poor self-image. Studied at University of the Philippines Diliman.

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You could go deaf from all of the hissing and cackling from thoses muscle bitches. I only recommended not to let guys like "Eric" or the OP's clique have "the power to make you feel down. There is this one dude Eric x97 you may know him as "Mr. Sections of this page. OP, every gym has a bitchy gay muscle clique, or two, or three. Thank you again for your willingness to share your point of view and participate in this interview. People named Gay Muscle Find your friends on Facebook.

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