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When he was finished, the Daddy pulled a small pill out of his pocket. With a single motion, the Daddy used a piercing device to shoot the first nipple ring through the soft skin. The thick fur down his crack hid his asshole from view. Wash the head off with your tongue. The chain was long enough for him to sit in the mud and rest. He was still in his cage and the dungeon was still dark. It was the other guys.

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Things were getting interesting!

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The slave was ravenous and crawled towards the bowl. Using the chain as a leash, he pulled the slave back towards the house. Finally, three weeks later I got a bite. As I said earlier, I'd sucked my friend's dick a lot of times but his was only about 6" and nothing like this monster that he was forcing between my lips. The slave found he had difficulty moving his now totally-cramped arms and shoulders. I moved down his chubbythick legs, smelling and licking until I got to his feet, then breathed in deep, taking in the wonderful stank of his feet. He was still in his cage and the dungeon was still dark.

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His uncut cock was shriveled due to the damp cold. I need a partner. I was beginning to wonder what exactly was in store for me, but my dick already knew because it was still rock-hard as I took off my jams and replaced them with a pair of Levis so I'd look more like Sean. He unchained the new slave from the hanging chain and ordered him to his knees. Next thing he knew, the boy was being covered in shaving cream.

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