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Serials must have a defined ending in each installment. Their books are distributed by several wholesalers, including Ingram and Bella Distribution Services. The Kate Allen and Meg Darcy series are also popular and great readi Legaspi reclaims the voyeuristic curiosity that surrounds the queer Asian body, and takes what is overly sexulized and magnifies its intricate designs. Read submission guidelines HERE.

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Its head, a gravity-defying, moth-eating house lizard, had no flap of skin over it.

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Good Gay Poets

Roquelaure and Lana Turner, among others. They also consider well-researched non-fiction of interest to womyn, as well as lesbian-feminist herstory, or biography of interest to a general as well as an academic audience. They will consider previously published works including self-published works. Minimum word count 60, ColenRose Metal Press. If this is the case, they may combine it with other works by you or by other authors in the same book.

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JMS Books LLC is a small electronic press publishing gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender erotic romance, romance, and young adult romance. It is unique among the Triangle Literary Awards, in that women and men compete in the same category. Writing the Love of Boys: Sapphire Books Publishing, the gem in lesbian publishing was founded by Christine Svendsen in Let the garden grow.

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