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Faris Malik, Introduction to Born Eunuchs. The practice was also well established in other Mediterranean areas among the Greeks and Romans, although a role as court functionary does not arise until Byzantine times. In his History of GovernmentSamuel Finer points out that reality was not always that clear-cut. Phaedruscomplete in one file, English[At UPenn] Plato's use of homosexual eros, and the figure of the Charioteer of the soul, has been of lasting importance in positive conceptions of homosexual love. Geography Titus7 Suetonius b.

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The Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones prophecy is one of the most powerful prophecies of the prophet Ezekiel.

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Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, vol. Eunuchs in Imperial palaces were organized in a hierarchy, often with a senior or Chief Eunuch Urdu: Sirach

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The term has been translated as "eunuchs" as in Sir Richard Burton 's translation of the bookbut these persons have also been considered to be the equivalent of the modern Hijra of India.