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Plantation records, however, offer a more individualized sense of the patterns of life and labour on the estates which generated such wealth for masters and such misery for slaves. Douglass sounds even angrier at these obligatory orgies — he calls them "part and parcel of the gross fraud, wrong, and inhumanity of slavery" — than at other, more direct forms of cruelty. Of the thirty-five executed slaves whose values were given, all but two were appraised at or more pounds of sugar, and fifteen at or more. In Legacies of British Slave-ownership. One American woman in African dress asked at the first event how frequently rape occurred on slave plantations. We love feedback: He became curious about his own background after his family was threatened by fighters from Liberian indigenous groups who were at war with his own ethnic group, freed slave descendants known as Americo-Liberians.

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The difference, Douglass wrote, "between these favored few, and the sorrow and hunger-smitten multitudes of the quarter and the field, was immense. At the Prospect Hill events, there have been occasional conversational red flags, but also opportunities for comparing notes and for circumspection. At 20, he ran away to New York and started his new life as an anti-slavery orator and activist. Runaways were 'slaves who stole themselves'.

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