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Damn, I thought, how am I ever going to get into those briefs? What the hell is going on? I thought it was going to be a struggle getting that tight ass to open up for me but, but to his and my surprise, it allowed me to slip right in and I was halfway up his fuck chute before either of realized it. Jason was quiet for a bit and then said, "No, I've never had sex with a guy either, but I think I am damn ready to if the right guy were to come along! My Charming college roommate.

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I was about 5'10, weightedhad brown hair with tight curls, a body that was developing into a fairly muscular one, and an 8" cut cock that, when erect, had the biggest red cockhead I had ever seen on another guy.

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Part 1. In 9th-grade some guys already know whats going on with their sexuality and some guys have no clue. My first story, hope its alright.

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The first thing I realized when I finally started to wake up enough to notice things was that Corey was nibbling on my nipple.

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