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Log in Sign up. Any Other Name by lukyshot reviews Akiza Izinski doesn't do "friends". A familiar time where Jaden Yuki first started. GX Season 2 forward and first ever JadenxAkiza! So was looking at that Yugo X Rin doujin. Yusei and Judai's misadventures on a time traveling motorcycle. Rated T for language.

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First time, No flame!

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Doujinshi

Jaden Yuki is a Duelist who loves to duel and dreams of becoming the next King of Games. Will they be able to go back in time or will they meet some old friends of the past. Jaden Yuki x Yusei Fudo. When he ends up saving someone who didn't want to be saved, he'll get much more than he asked for. The secrets that we keep. Crossposted from AO3 Rated:

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After Paradox was defeated and they all went their separate ways, he spent every moment trying to find a way to get to the future to visit him again. JavaScript is required to view this site. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Try to not curse in the fiction. Izayoi decided to call in her uncle Yuki Judai to help her? K - English - Poetry - Chapters: What's worse, you don't find out until after his best friend asks you what you both did for his birthday

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