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When they were in company he would often refer to her as 'the little woman' gesturing in her direction with a closed fist, using his thumb as a pointer. Police officers who wear firearms seldom use this gesture, preferring to let their arms hang by their side or to have their thumbs tucked into the belt. Let's say you are presenting an idea to someone and have seen them using several positive gestures during the presentation, such as open palms, leaning forward, head up, nodding and so on. If steepled fingers follows a series of other positive gestures and appears when you show the other person the solution to his problem, it's more likely you've been given the go-ahead. Lawyers, accountants, and anyone in a position of authority frequently give instructions or advice with their fingers in this position. Please make sure that you've entered a valid question. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

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Approximate size 52mm across.

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The Significance of Thumb Rings

You can achieve this position by letting your finger tips lightly touch like the steeple on a building. This gesture demonstrates dominance and self-assuredness. It is a signal of frustration and an attempt at self-control. There was a problem completing your request. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. They all adopt this position of authority.

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This gesture shows the origin of the expression, 'Get a grip on yourself. Arms-Folded-with-Thumbs-Pointing-Upwards is another common thumb cluster. You find out how to position your hands to convey authority and dominance as well as demonstrate openness and submission. Whether you're expressing love, anger, joy, or frustration, your hands hold the message. For some listeners, a narrator added hand gestures such as moving the hands up and down quickly to show running, a waving movement to demonstrate a hair dryer and arms wide apart to show a fat opera singer. Taken to extremes it can convey an arrogant 'know-it-all' attitude. You will rarely see a low-status individual, such as a vagrant, doing it.

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