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I'm sure your wife is now coming to the realisation that she is gay and is trying to take steps to come to terms with this at a later stage in her life. Feeling like your beliefs have been shattered after living a lie Confusion about the relationship or marriage and whether it is worth saving Fear of having your family torn apart Hurt over being violated and lied to Rage, bitterness, fear, shock, despair, devastation, repulsion, hurt and anger Anxiety about whether your partner or spouse has been unfaithful Shame, secrecy, and a fear of lack of acceptance Fear of having been exposed to or having contracted sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. All the lesbians I spoke to said, Well, of course the lesbian has got to be cheating with a man. That no matter what, my world would go on. Psychologist Lisa M. Join HuffPost Plus.

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Are You Faithful, Darling?

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However, you are also furious with her because she is not the person you thought she was, or the person you want her to be. The first year will probably be the toughest as you sort out complicated feelings and decide how to move forward. When it was time to start spreading the news, we decided to tell close friends and family first.

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I just wanted to have sex with them.

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