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In other languages Add links. There they could be subjected to hard labour and torture, or they were experimented upon or executed. Those who did, even those who had survived death camps, were thwarted at every turn. On a case by case basis, the outcomes vary widely, and Giles gives documented evidence where the judges could be swayed by evidence demonstrating the accused's " aryan -ness" or "manliness", that is, by describing him as coming from true Germanic stock and perhaps fathering children. Oosterhuis, Harry, and Hubert Kennedy, eds. Sexuality and German Fascism Jan.

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Lesbians were not widely persecuted under Nazi anti-gay laws, as it was considered easier to persuade or force them to comply with accepted heterosexual behavior.

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Gay Holocaust

Pink Triangles and Gay Images. The Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals: Little study has been done to estimate the number of Jewish homosexuals who died in the camps. General works about the situation of Germany and Europe at a social level, especially to issues related to sexuality. He obeyed the directive to protect his family from any retaliation.

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The study also shows that survival rates for gay men were slightly higher for internees from the middle and upper classes and for married bisexual men and those with children. However, extensive research on the topic was impeded by a continuation of Nazi policies on homosexuals in post-war East and West Germany and continued western notions of homophobia. Surgery In the United States. But after the purge, Hitler elevated Himmler's status and he became very active in the suppression of homosexuality. A Love Story, Berlin

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