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Gay Porn Alert! Choosing Unsafe Sex: Yet, some would say that this existence within and between, or negotiation of contradictory discourses is innately queer. Yet another limitation to the study of gossip, in addition to the existence of two paradigmatic camps, is that this speech phenomenon has also been closely tied to women's communication and less so to men's communication. Still Fighting:

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These terms and their usages indicate a citationality of a bourgeois, middle-class discourse of sexual restraint, and indicate that the individual in question does not fall into lines of appropriate behavior.

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Judith Butler's work on discourse and the production of bodies is invaluable to the discussion of power, gender and sexuality in this social milieu. The news in the US is so dark and depressing right now. Gay Black Men in Harlem Gossip functions in the same manner:

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The same can be argued for the necessity of stabilization of the body and certainly what constitutes the attractive body.

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