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He got married to his girlfriend. It's quick, it's glossy, it looks the business but really it's so rubbish expect it to be either a cult classic or quickly forgotten. New lackluster characters are being introduced into the gang, taking the focus off the old characters we actually like. Why write for Robin Hood if you don't love the legend or the medieval period? Where was Jonas Armstrong born? Published contents by users are under Creative Commons License.

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And this special effect just about sums up the whole show.

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User Reviews

The actors are given nothing to work with. The direction is terrible. However, we do not have any detailed information on what Jonas Armstrong is doing these days. I can only guess that the fact that it was Robin Hood kept me interested. Overall, the script was quite weak, much of the acting quite stiff, the costumes lacking and many of the key characters seemed to have been miscast.

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He is currently single. Great verbal sparring between Robin and the Sheriff and a Robin and Marian. Robin has the mingiest looking beard in history, either shave it or grow it mate. This is the Middle Ages. Nobody seems to care.

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