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B on question 3 YES on overriding veto on expansion of Medicare: Click here for 13 full quotes OR click here for Paul Kanjorski on other issues. Feb Opposes same-sex marriage. Oct Discontinue affirmative action programs. Retrieved January 10, Dec Supports Amendment to prevent same sex marriage. Women have right to equal pay for equal work.

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More investment in renewable than drilling mix of both solutions D: Tom Marino on Civil Rights. The most important point to make about Amendment 41 to HR is that the Foxx Amendment is every bit as redundant legally as the effort to put Constitutional gay marriage bans in state Constitutions in states that already banned gay marriage. School curriculums should be set more by national standards than at a local level D: James Roman Catholic Church in Sewickley.

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Oct No constitutional ban on gay marriage; civil unions ok. Mar Enforce against anti-gay discrimination in public schools. Jul Same-sex marriage takes us away from purpose of marriage. Ryan Costello on Civil Rights. In the Republican primary, he defeated U. Write Us Your feedback to us.