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Undefined position on same-sex marriage. Moreover, though we examined denominational stance on same-sex marriage as a protective factor, it is possible that at the congregational level an opposite position may prevail, or such issues might not be discussed; therefore, examining religious teachings and messages at the local level is recommended. Our hearts have been broken by our own actions most of all. The importance of personal and contextual factors in resolving conflict between sexual identity and Christian upbringing. Klinger-WilenskyCurtis S. Minority stress theory posits that, among sexual minorities, mental health problems develop, in part, due to stigma and a hostile social environment Meyer, DehneyTodd A.

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If I were as fragile and ungrateful as the ruthless cis lesbian who attacked me portrayed me to be, I would not be where I am today.

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Eric S. Klinger-Wilensky

HeringTarik J. The life course of gay and lesbian youth: Vertin that provides important guidance to those counseling distressed Delaware corporations and their stakeholders. Regarding religious affiliation, a greater proportion of heterosexual youth reported being affiliated with denominations that either endorsed same-sex marriage or opposed same-sex marriage whereas more sexual minorities identified as secular. Be willing to pipe down. Compared with sexual minority youth who were members of religious denominations that endorse same-sex relationships, there was no statistically significant difference for youth affiliated with the undefined group, in terms of main effects or interaction terms contrary to Hypothesis 3.

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Eric and co-faculty will discuss the principal sections of an engagement letter and examine effective negotiation Toward a conceptual framework for social work practice. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Journal of Religion and Health. Robust standard errors in parentheses. An immodest proposal for the study of lives. Religiosity maintained statistical significance in this model.