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Skunk One. Thanks to Dave Bryant for adding these lyrics. I agree with you on all fronts here San D. I need a drink quick someone's in danger 10 footer fulla skunk 1 in the chamber Now let me explain exactly what's about to happen There's gonna be yackin, there probably be passin out Were packin nothin' but the Pepe Le Pew S-k-u-n-k f-u fuck you! Sign In Don't have an account? But now, somehow they get picked up again by the younger generation and idolized for their whack ass lyrics…and dont get me wrong- I am a stoner, desert rat myself- but no one I know actually likes those clowns…If I want to listen to rap, I will bump some real shit…If I want to listen to punk…same deal…. Plus they have worked with, signed and hung out with many many black artists over the years.

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And on this day we need to make a decision:

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You must enable javascript to view this page. One day I'll be floating in the sky flying like a bird looking down at you. Go smoke some weed, listen to your lame Phish records. One day, one day, freedom will be legalized.

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And when this day comes I hope I am still alive to see the dream we envision finally realized.

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