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I have applied my background in psychology to examine a wide variety of topics, including the emotional recovery of crime victims, crime-reporting behaviors, police officers' job satisfaction, risk assessment tools, probation officer's decision-making strategies, community crime prevention, and HIV prevention in jails. Finally, on-going research with my interdisciplinary collaborators will provide insight into the complex influence of nutrition on cognitive outcome. Another student plans to examine whether organized activities may serve as a buffer against poor adjustment outcomes among adolescents with high functioning autism. In the last decade my focus has been on the health, and mental health of low income, urban African American youth. Attitudes and attitude change:

Families are studied in their homes with observational, interview, formal assessment, and questionnaire methodologies.

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Fivush, R. Dworkin, D. Oakes, L.

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In exploring these issues, I have adopted an information processing approach that incorporates the role of affect and nonverbal cues e.