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Read More What is right and what is wrong? He and his wife consider themselves to be best friends to this very day. The pharmacist refused, stating he developed the drug to make as much money as he could. Clear majorities in all countries surveyed favor a marriage in which both spouses work and share household responsibilities. Social views and morality Homosexuality widely rejected Limited support for legalization of same-sex marriage Mixed support for legal abortion Traditional views on gender roles more common in Orthodox-majority nations Nationalism goes hand in hand with conservative views on gender norms and homosexuality Drugs, prostitution widely seen as morally wrong; divorce, contraception less so Across Central and Eastern Europe, most say you can be moral without believing in God 6. Accuracy and availability may vary. Majorities across all countries surveyed prefer a marriage where partners share work and household responsibilities All respondents not just those who are married were asked which of three types of marriages they think is ideal:

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On balance, younger adults ages 18 to 34 are more likely than others to accept homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

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How Does Morality Affect Same-Sex Marriage Debate?

Boltz lost many fans, he also gained new ones. His wife and children knew that he was very troubled but, even after asking him what was wrong, he denied anything and everything. There was no attempt to hide who they were. Use of drugs, prostitution and homosexual behavior are widely seen as morally wrong across the region, while views are more mixed on abortion, drinking alcohol or having premarital sex. Perhaps we'll wait until attitudes change. Now, commentator Joseph C. In countries without an Orthodox majority, this position is less accepted.

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This made no difference. In none of the 18 countries are same-sex couples legally allowed to marry, and many have amended their constitutions to restrict marriage to unions of one man and one woman. And demands are made that those behaviors are sanctioned and condoned by the larger society. Views on role of Russia in the region, and the Soviet Union 8. But Muslim adults are less likely than others to favor this arrangement.

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