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He was neat, clean, experienced and incredibly attractive. Jay was a medical student at a nearby university and perfect for the job. When he finally got to it, he took his time, rubbing it with the warm, soapy washcloth. That's not to say I'd never been tempted. For a horny young guy, two weeks seemed like an eternity!

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He was a hard guy to figure out.

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Jay helped me to my feet and leaned me slightly forward. I was hell on wheels, developing a real hard-on for the feel of all that power rumbling between my legs. For a horny young guy, two weeks seemed like an eternity! Jay was far too attractive. My parents were both home and busy as usual.

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I was eager to place myself in the care of Jay's tender, loving arms. I was thrilled to detect a glint of pleasure in his green eyes. Jay seemed quite nervous and quickly finished. When I'd finished, I called to Jay. His hands trembled as he dressed me.

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