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Sakura realized this, and despite the overwhelming pleasure, decided to interrupt. XXX "Enough, enough," the cloaked man broke up the orgy that was happening before him, appearing from thin air once more, and scattering Gambit, Zandra, Blitz, and Stitch from the two nearly comatose men that they had been pawing at for the last few moments after their last gangbang. He reached to clasp her hand and held her with determination in his eyes. Taking his skin into her teeth, Sakura pulled excitedly on the flesh, earning a moan from the she boy's lips. Naruto opened his eyes to stare incredulous at the pinkette.

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She briefly admired the swollen red peaks of Naruto's boobs, decorated in a film of wetness.

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Shizune looked up into the eyes of her sensei, her own eyes slightly dazed as she enjoyed the after effects of their coupling, namely the afterglow of their release. Naruto just scowled, not backing down. However, men and women can. Snarl licked her lips. She had since grown conditioned to it. She gave in to her desires, bringing her left hand down to her shorts, going straight to the point and groping her bugle, the feeling of the pressure she made though the fabric making her go crazy, she undid the top button, getting ready to stroke her now hard dick.

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The girl that had appeared was young, maybe around seventeen or eighteen years old. Hinata didn't accept the hug right away, not being used to that sort of thing, but after a few seconds she hugged back, pressing their bodies tighter together. Approaching from behind, the ever quiet Stitch reached around her fellow minion to grope at the woman's chest, kneading the dark flesh of her chest with a zeal that was somewhat ridiculous, cackling all the while. You can now continue if you skipped this scene. Now that Hinata had a full view of it, she saw the perfection of the circumcised penis; Hinata was going crazy with emotions.

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