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However, Sharon accepts him completely and makes it clear to him. They officially started a relationship in Episode 6 of Season 2 and were established to be in love in Episode 10 of the same season, when they exchanged "I love yous". Sally fell in love with two musicians, a man and a woman, and later had a threesome with them. Though this aspect of the character isn't explicitly mentioned in the series, early scripts of the series were, and the production team considered this trait still true of the character. Alum Rock Union school district candidate Raymond Mueller is running in hopes of reforming a dysfunctional board. Jimmy was the gay lover of Eric Slater Eric is bisexual.

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Out + Smart in Silicon Valley: The New Faces of Gay Politics as the Breakthrough Generation Retires

Throughout the series, during the introductions and follow-ups to the episode's featured stories, she makes references to her past relationships with women, love letters from female admirers and one particular mysterious "one that got away" for whom she still pines. So, can a bakery in Silicon Valley refuse to bake a wedding cake for a gay customer wearing a Trump hat? Later still, in The Wood Beyond, Hill allows him to have a happy relationship with an antiquarian bookseller. No Night Is Too Long. Lukas is a closeted teen living in a conservative small town, who when making out with his love interest, Philip, witnesses a triple homicide. List of gay, lesbian or bisexual people Siblings: Bethany is married to Georgia and is a flight attendant on Flight

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She lived in the club world. Ann is Anne Lister 's lover. In a relationship with Officer Helen Stewart. They come with massive smiles and are ready to have a good time. A barrister for the prosecution, she confesses her long-held love for Maggie Radcliffe and becomes romantically involved with her. Self-identifies as homosexual, but has relationships with both men and women.

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