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Where discrimination against LGBT people is permitted, because nondiscrimination laws do not exist, these problems tend to be worse. Proponents of sweeping religious exemptions have typically couched their claims in the language of religious freedom or religious liberty. While many of the bills stalled in state legislatures, at time of writing, at least eight states have enacted them into law and two similar pieces of legislation—the First Amendment Defense Act and the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act—have been proposed in Congress. Accumulated evidence suggests the best interest of the child requires attachment to committed, nurturing and competent parents. In Mississippi, for example, the cities of Jackson and Magnolia have nondiscrimination laws that protect sexual orientation and gender identity; the statewide imposition of HB allows religious objectors in those cities to cite the state law excusing them from compliance. First, they are motivated to a large degree by hostility to recent advances in LGBT equality; on their face they invoke only a concern for religious liberty but the public debate around and legislative history of many of these laws show quite clearly the animus and the discriminatory intent that underpin them.

perfessional ethics for gay adoption
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Recent license-to-discriminate laws break from that tradition.

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Sexual orientation should not be used as the sole or primary factor in child custody decisions. Summary Methodology I. Protects the second parent's rights to custody and visitation if the couple separates. Establishes the requirement for child support from both parents in the event of the parents' separation.

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Adoption exists for the benefit of the child, not for the couple who adopts him.

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