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Your unconscious mind made this link—"I'm leery of dating trans guys in the wake of this relationship"—and your conscious mind is pushing back. But this "platinum" nonsense is about genitals, not gender. Someone gets sick shortly after eating a particular kind of food Thai curry, Swedish meatballs, Irish starch and then feel leery about ever eating that kind of food again because they associate it with bad feelings that may not have been caused by the food itself. You dated a trans man, trans men are men, you've never been with a woman. You might also be interested in these: So if your trans ex-boyfriend had a vagina and you touched it, well, then you'll have to mail your invisible platinum gay card back to the Imaginary Gay Accreditation Agency, STATS, and someone at the IGAA will pretend to mail you an invisible gold gay card within ninety business days. According to the slang police at Urban Dictionary:

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To give a less benign example:

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According to the slang police at Urban Dictionary: Is this valid? Slog PM:

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Savage Love.

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