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Andy Meisler of The New York Times says he feels a fixation for "sensory pleasures of fresh kitty litter ". Ren is a scrawny, violently psychotic, emotionally unstable Chihuahua dogand Stimpy is a fat, stupid, dimwitted, good-natured Manx cat. Learn more Like almost every website, cookies are used. In the pilot episode, Pierre Decelles provided Ren's signature diabolical laughter, while West performed Ren's laugh in the series. They do not contain any personal information. Sailor Jupiter, who has an intense crush on Sailor Uranus in one episode, and always seems a little friendly towards Sailor Venus. No straight man robot?

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No straight man robot?

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90's Cartoon Characters You Didn't Know Were Gay

There are used as identifiers. Ren and Stimpy In Review. Ren left with Stimpy right. Are ren and stimpy gay now? I've never seen the spike episodes to validate. Groundbreaking and ludicrous at the same time, gotta love it.

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It'd be more of a stretch to say Zarbon is straight. The first lesbian couple on the list, Sailor Uranus and Neptune were the badass new sailor scouts in town who also happened to be dating. Languages Italiano Edit links. Retrieved October 26, Plus, both he and General Blue are just too good looking to be straight anyway.

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