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The Beginning Of The End 2. Riku turned his body so his penis was dangling in Sora's face, and Riku could easily wrap his mouth around Sora's throbbing privet part. Lucky for Riku, Sora wasn't wearing any underwear!! Sign up for free! Riku soon returned my smile but, as another strike of lightening light the small room, I could see that it was sarcastic and that it didn't reach his eyes; he didn't mean it. Riku smiled as Sora blushed like crazy. He'd gone off trampling through scattered worlds, faced death and chaos and mayhem to get him back, and he wasn't letting him go.

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As I brought my hand up from removing his pants, I made a point of 'accidentally' brushing past the now very stiff mass.

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If someone unlocks the door, and sees them, let them. NC Warnings: Kingdom Hearts Relationship: He had everything, here, at the end, and nothing to lose by giving it all he had.

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Riku opened one eye when he heard Sora's zipper.

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