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Often same-sex sexual contact between men will take a form of hyper-masculinity and joking around. However many people lie somewhere in that sizeable grey area between the two, and it seems that more young people than ever are realising they are in that number: Homosexuality gay Sexuality Men Friendship Social science research. Tippett Quarter — Egham, Surrey More events. The images are everywhere and there are no consequences to that.

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The optimal wing men?

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It's OK guys, just admit it - half of you are not 100% straight

Accordingly, straight men could get a leg up in dating from becoming close friends with gay men. I went back to my anonymous friends online. Homosexuality gay Sexuality Men Friendship Social science research. However, straight women do tend to trust the dating advice of gay men especially more than advice from straight men or women. Femininity is traditionally viewed as a spectacle, or a show. Beyond Good and Evil?

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Many straight men hesitated to befriend gay menfearing harassment, rejection from their straight friends or being called gay. Many straight men no longer see befriending gay men as a threat to their masculinity. There are events such as Bivisibility Day which takes place every year on 23 September which can only help increase awareness, but what else could help? Until these things happen it's likely nothing will change and bi-phobia will continue to rule. Found this article useful?

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