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I'll bet that makes a difference. Tits are only once a month so that's easier to manage than the once a week everyone seems to want me to do for my face. Still no idea I was trans. SilverFang on March 02, I've been able to get at least one monthly face pic since starting hormones. Asking for, or posting, a person's personal information can be dangerous, and it's also against the site-wide rules.

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Serves me right for being lazy about voice.

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I did almost shit myself when I heard it recorded conversationally and played back a couple months ago - "that's a girl's voice! What may seem like tough love to one person may come across as hatred or abuse to another. Featured September 12th, 0. I have been seriously considering it for my own curiosity, but I'm not going to make it public. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. I would realize this and come out a month later. They seem a little bigger.

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I remember looking at pictures of so many avatars and reading stories in Susan's thinking "oh, wow, if only I have a successful transition and be comfortable with myself, I'll be in a good place. Hope that means you can come back in 5 months and show us all your awesome sideboob. There is no such thing as "valid discrimination," and this sub will remove any post or comment that demonstrates racism, sexism, body shaming or any other bigotry you care to name. I have not seen the like. Want to add to the discussion? Apparently my tits just want all the E. If you got a cool tattoo or something else that's incidentally NSFW, please tag it as such.

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