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While some designing for Tombstone Pizza has an Old West look which may lead to some people thinking the brand was named after the Arizona town, it was actually based on a tavern called the Tombstone Tap in Wisconsin formerly owned by its founders. A small settlement on the Orkney IslandsScotland. A town in Norway. It is home to Oklahoma State University. A city in the ceremonial county of SomersetEnglandknown for its Roman-built baths.

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Considering barbecues are a big thing in North Carolinathere'd better be some good smokehouses nearby or I'm going to be very disappointed.

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Some of the places are meeting areas, regions, or unincorporated tracts of land. The name of a settlement and peninsula in South Australia. A place in South AustraliaAustralia. Or from the French "chemin covert," meaning covered path or bridge. In "Brooklyn-ese"it's the name of a fictional, bowler-wearing ghost 's girlfriend. A mountain in Scotland. More commonly known by its Welsh name Aberllynfi.

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And right across the Puck Bay, Hel can be found. It's named after the Crow Wing River a tributary of the Mississippi Riverwhich in turn is named after an island at the river mouth which is shaped like a crow's wing. This river is in Nova Scotia, and its name could possibly be based on the French for "six owls" six-hiboux. A village in South GloucestershireEngland. A midsized coastal town within Spain 's Valencian Community. There's another Pee Dee in Anson County and is also the name of a river and of a native american tribe.

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