Transgender education

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November 26, Faculty: On April 28,Fenway hosted a full house of local physicians, medical students, behavioral health professionals, and leaders of the American College of Physicians to celebrate the Second Edition. Cross-dressing and drag are not necessarily tied to erotic activity or sexual orientation. Beyond the Binary: Engaging transgender clients in exploring sexuality — including intersectionality with gender identity and shifts in attraction associated with medical affirmation—is integral to the larger, clinical goal of affirming transgender identities and providing competent care.

transgender education
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What is gender dysphoria?

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For the first time, users can share more information about their sexual orientation, which will impact how potential matches are generated. Want more guidance in helping your congregation become transgender-inclusive? More Transgender FAQs here. Recent stories.

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This page offers ways you and your congregation can increase your welcome and inclusion of transgender people, basic definitions, and further resources.

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