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Andrew ChungJonathan Stempel. Because GD is no longer labeled a mental disorder, when considering any factor relevant to an ethical decision, the well-being of the applicants themselves should be assessed by using the same criteria as for heterosexual couples. Trans-women, however, do not have access to ARTs due to the legal prohibition of surrogacy and ARTs in homosexual couples. Children of science. Gender independent kids: For fifteen years, pubertal suppression GnRH analogue administration at Tanner stage 2 has led to better results both physically and psychologically by avoiding internal strangeness and social isolation or rejection. Vanier A.

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In two cases inBotswana's High Court ruled trans men and trans women had the right to have their gender identity recognized by the government and to change gender markers; the court said the registrar's refusal to change a marker was "unreasonable and violated [the person's] constitutional rights to dignity, privacy, freedom of expression, equal protection of the law, freedom from discrimination and freedom from inhumane and degrading treatment". New York: Prominent feminist 'attacked' by trans activist after university talk. Toggle navigation.

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