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Mine didn't hurt at all. I have three ear piercings from gun and one from needle. Posted August 5, My GP has booked a mammogram for me on Friday of this week. Just like the huge majority of girls outside the forums, actually Ok feeling a bit of a loose woman here had my ears pierced for ever but 5 years back had a belly bar which fell out the piercing wasnt deep enough. Yes, I think it helps that I feel more female than male.

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That is that I had always wanted too and I have decided to make a few changes in my life.

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If you ever get anything pierced again, use the professional piercers. October 22nd, 2 Lambda Legal: My mom gave me some of hers many moons ago and Hi Lillith, Have to admit I have no, nada, nil piercings. Just picked up four more pairs today; little cameras, umbrellas, moons and suns. That's the best advice I would give any girl. It was a big, but important step to get the first holes pierced 3 years ago.

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Featured January 8th, 0. I have never had a comment from a guy. I did it in guy mode, and just went with 4mm stainless studs. Within an hour the pinching crushing aching pain was just too much to bear. I was paranoid about getting an infection so I was really careful about cleanliness. So even in the summer time, I wear a jumper as well.

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