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That was its appeal: Superintendent Jenny Gilmer of the British Transport police insists to BuzzFeed News that it is the crime rather than who is committing it that concerns the public, and rejects any suggestion that gay or bisexual men are being targeted by the force. Before the 20th century, anal sexwhether conducted in public or private, was illegal under sodomy lawsincluding the Buggery Act set down by Henry VIII in And nothing was done about them. The gay community grew up and became respectable. As one old gay said to me, he felt like a survivor in a nuclear winter.

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He made an appointment with the British Transport police.

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The police do not have the right to stop or search you just for being in a cruising ground unless they suspect you have committed or are just about to commit a crime. In the gents. Are complaints more likely if it is two men having sex rather than a man and a woman? By 14, he was regularly cruising for men in a local park.

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